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Social Media Marketing Management and Consulting

Welcome to NPLUSG Social Media Communications.

At NPLUSG we believe in human factor based social media marketing, content creation and community building.

What does that mean?

We believe in the power of connections.

We believe in the power of interactions.

We believe in the power of listening and understanding.

We believe in the power of value adding content.

We believe in the power of immediacy and interactivity in communication.

We believe in the power of community.

We believe in the power of effective customer success and support.

We believe in the power of turning your audience into your brand ambassadors.

We believe in Social Media Communications

Through a relationship building and data-driven based strategy, we aim to close the gap between brands and consumers and make brands identifiable, relatable and approachable through social media.


Because we care…

  • We care about People.
  • We care about Brands.
  • We care about their Relationship.


Consumers want and respond to value, not broadcasting… and by integrating the human factor in the mix through Social Media Communication you can maximize on value offering, allow your brand’s message and voice to effectively come across, build on trust from your audience and create a lasting impact…

Contact NPLUSG today to discuss how we can help you with your Social Media Marketing needs and let’s bring Social back to your Brand.

Additional Services

  • We offer a team training service (workshop) in Social Media related topics.
  • We offer a ‘Buzz-Making’ service for Events & Conferences.

Contact us for more info!