My name is Natasha and I am very happy that you stopped by!

I am an Online Marketing & Social Media Marketing professional, a Content Creator and a People person.

I am an advocate of Humanized Business Social Media.

What do I mean?

I enjoy and am passionate about:

  • Helping businesses excel in their online activities.
  • Being the “connector” between brands and the consumers.
  • Being the “connector” between businesses and their employees.

As you can understand, my purpose is to effectively be a “connector” – to help close the existing gap between brands and consumers in their online marketing attempts via  social media where the human aspect of businesses and engagement is concerned — investing in a brand’s biggest asset, people.

When I first started my journey I knew that Psychology and Business would intertwine in my profession, I did not know however it would happen the way it did and via a platform such as social media.

  • Psychology major.
  • Started my professional journey in a Radio Station which taught me about being in the workforce and about business structure, culture and workings.
  • Worked at an Internet Services company which solidified my interest in the business and people dynamic and where I also caught the Online/Tech “bug” – Online and Tech were in my blood, imprinted 🙂
  • MBA (specialization in HR) – Business and Marketing courses were instrumental and paved the way for me.
  • Worked at a start-up Software Development company as an Online Marketing and Customer Relations Manager handling all aspects of Online Marketing (PPC, SEO, Email Marketing, Content Management, Social Media, etc.) in addition to Customer Relations. This was at a time when Social Media had just been born, it changed the game and it offered a new dimension and a new direction for me.

Social Media became a platform that not only amplified reach but also amplified learning.

I decided to listen, learn, and understand and to do so mindfully in order to learn more about how businesses and people interact online, how they view engagement, how businesses implement content strategy, creation & value, how they implement different social media marketing strategies, customer service opportunities, etc.

You cannot have a healthy and profitable business if you don’t understand your employees, but also if you don’t understand your consumers, if you don’t understand your people. They should be your “core business” – and an effective way to do so is by being where your target is, by listening and understanding them and by delivering value to them. To be able to accomplish this, you need to be a brand that engages with its audience and invests in building those relationships in a genuine way – bringing together the ‘business factor’ with the ‘human factor’.

You can reach out to me through social media:

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This is my hangout place where I like to write about or host bloggers wanting to share their insights regarding Online Marketing, Content Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Community Building, Technology and much more – focusing on the power of content with the intent of offering value to you!

So, pour yourself a cup of coffee, read up on different topics, share your thoughts and let’s connect!