Using Social Media to Discover My Zone of Genius: An Educator’s Journey

Interview Series: Ai Addyson-Zhang

One of the best gifts that Social Media has to offer is that it allows you to meet amazing human beings that you most probably would not have had the chance to meet otherwise.

Ai Addyson-Zhang is one of the people I have had the fortune to cross paths with via social media and establish a connection with.

Ai is a smart, kind and generous person that will “disarm” you with her welcoming smile and her infectious high energy and positivity – she is a true professional and a caring, dedicated educator. 🙂

I have been moved and inspired by Ai’s love for education and how she is undeniably making an impact in this area by confidently and unapologetically pushing the boundaries and shaping the world of education by advocating for a “classroom without walls” where teaching intersects with social media and technology to allow for a better, more humanized learning experience.

You know what… words won’t do justice. I’ll just let you read on and see for yourself what I am talking about 😉

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Interview Series: Cathy Wassell

Women Entrepreneurs

I recently had the pleasure of interviewing Cathy Wassell – a smart, dynamic entrepreneur that navigated the retail Sales and Marketing industry for years to finally be won over by Social Media were she embarked on a wonderful journey that lead her to become the founder of Socially Contented – a UK Social Media Agency that offers Social Media Management, Training and Auditing services for all major platforms and for all channels.

In this interview Cathy gives us a glimpse of her journey into Social Media Management, the creation of the Socially Contented Agency as well as how she came to join the Digital Mums course and community, the #DMCollective and the launch of the #GoWithThePro initiative .

Of course, she also let us in on some predictions for Social Media in 2018. 😊

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Focus on YOU for maximum productivity in your life

Guest post by Sabrina Cadini

I’ve always been an entrepreneur. I’ve always set goals for my own career, I’ve always worked for myself – not for someone else. I have no boundaries, no restrictions and I love it!

Being an entrepreneur is not easy and, if you’re one, you agree with me. Especially if you care about your business: you don’t want it to fail, you want it to succeed. And you do anything possible to make it succeed.

Entrepreneurs have an unstoppable drive to pursue their passion or dream. This drive will bring them through a journey where they fail, they learn, try again, and then find the road to success.

In my specific case, I’ve been designing and planning events and weddings for more than 25 years and I’ve seen many of those up-and-down moments, but I love what I do.

Challenging myself to reach a destination and celebrating the victory thanks to my hard work, efforts, and dedication is priceless.

Of course, there’s a negative side of the “entrepreneurial life”, such as:

  • Your mind is constantly in motion, seven days a week (you don’t limit your work week to Monday-Friday, 9 to 5)
  • You are your own brand and you always have to go above and beyond to stand out

It’s a non-stop commitment with yourself, with your clients, with your family.

That’s why many entrepreneurs give up.

They don’t know how to visualize their goals, they don’t have the support, they don’t have the consistency, or they don’t know how to manage their time. They can’t find a balance between their personal life and their professional activity.

Most of them underestimate it and then they experience burnout.

That’s exactly what happened to me…

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