Your Audience Is Speaking, Are You Listening?

“The ear of the leader must ring with the voices of the people.”
Woodrow Wilson


All companies understand the importance of tracking marketing results.

In businesses, pulling up a report (along with a chair and a cup of coffee 😊) to monitor and analyze your marketing campaign(s) and ROI is basically second nature.

It is a must.

We base ourselves on numbers to understand who, what, where, when and why and to adapt in order to optimize and maximize results.

As such, the magic is all in the interpretation of data, am I right?

*Insert a resounding AMEN 🙌 here*

Data can come from different sources and channels, can be of different types, collected in different ways and serve different purposes.

This brings up the question of what information offers a real-time, clear-cut understanding of your #1 asset – your audience/customers – and where do you collect it from?

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Using Social Media to Discover My Zone of Genius: An Educator’s Journey

Interview Series: Ai Addyson-Zhang

One of the best gifts that Social Media has to offer is that it allows you to meet amazing human beings that you most probably would not have had the chance to meet otherwise.

Ai Addyson-Zhang is one of the people I have had the fortune to cross paths with via social media and establish a connection with.

Ai is a smart, kind and generous person that will “disarm” you with her welcoming smile and her infectious high energy and positivity – she is a true professional and a caring, dedicated educator. 🙂

I have been moved and inspired by Ai’s love for education and how she is undeniably making an impact in this area by confidently and unapologetically pushing the boundaries and shaping the world of education by advocating for a “classroom without walls” where teaching intersects with social media and technology to allow for a better, more humanized learning experience.

You know what… words won’t do justice. I’ll just let you read on and see for yourself what I am talking about 😉

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Interview Series: Cathy Wassell

Women Entrepreneurs

I recently had the pleasure of interviewing Cathy Wassell – a smart, dynamic entrepreneur that navigated the retail Sales and Marketing industry for years to finally be won over by Social Media were she embarked on a wonderful journey that lead her to become the founder of Socially Contented – a UK Social Media Agency that offers Social Media Management, Training and Auditing services for all major platforms and for all channels.

In this interview Cathy gives us a glimpse of her journey into Social Media Management, the creation of the Socially Contented Agency as well as how she came to join the Digital Mums course and community, the #DMCollective and the launch of the #GoWithThePro initiative .

Of course, she also let us in on some predictions for Social Media in 2018. 😊

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The Pretty in Pink Boxing Gloves Dilemma

Guest Post by Katy Spencer Johnson

“Girls shouldn’t play sports. It’s not ladylike. Katy should learn to play the piano.”

Open water Swimming KSJ.jpg

My grandmother solidified my construct of femininity, athleticism, and strength in a single phrase. Luckily, I was a precocious and stubborn child who when confronted with the words “can’t” or “shouldn’t”, I sprinted in the direction of facing a challenge head on. Thankfully, my mother, a product of the 1960’s feminist movement did not take the advice of my grandmother, sought to provide a multi-modal learning experience for both her children.

My younger brother and I took part in a diversity of extracurricular activities, the benefit of middle class upbringing. I explored various sports, arts, and music. I learned very quickly that being the shortest in my family would not be beneficial on the basketball court, and music wasn’t exactly my wheelhouse despite some off-key singing in the shower, but I loved art classes.

From a sport perspective, after testing out several sports, it was clear that soccer was perfect outlet for a “young lady.”

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3 Easy Ways to Grow your Brand on Twitter

Post by Gabriela Cardoza

Building momentum on any social media platform can be quite an uphill battle. The process of knowing how and where to focus your efforts is both daunting and, at times, paralyzing. Millions of active users populate platforms, like Twitter and yes, knowing that probably won’t mitigate the fear of putting yourself out there.

However, being cognizant of this allows you to understand how to best leverage the preexisting network already on the site. That will play a critical role in your brand’s ability to grow on Twitter.

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Be interested, invested and engaged!

 “We need to stop interrupting what people are interested in and be what people are interested in.” – Craig Davis, J. Walter Thompson


I see many people wondering, how they can get their audience to be more interested, invested and engaged with their content? What captures the audience’s attention and makes them click, read, convert and share?

It is a legit concern. One that makes you think of the why’s and how’s.

Is it the target?
Is it the goal?
Is it the method?
Is it the content?

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Plant the seed

“Adopt the pace of nature: her secret is patience.” Ralph Waldo Emerson

We have all been there.

We all have a vision – a goal in our business (and life) that we want to achieve.

We want to create, to serve, to succeed and we want to do it now!

We prepare ourselves, put in the work, the months go by and we get anxious to reach the results we expect.

That’s when reality hits…

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