3 Easy Ways to Grow your Brand on Twitter

Post by Gabriela Cardoza

Building momentum on any social media platform can be quite an uphill battle. The process of knowing how and where to focus your efforts is both daunting and, at times, paralyzing. Millions of active users populate platforms, like Twitter and yes, knowing that probably won’t mitigate the fear of putting yourself out there.

However, being cognizant of this allows you to understand how to best leverage the preexisting network already on the site. That will play a critical role in your brand’s ability to grow on Twitter.

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Oh, how times have changed – #280characters to be exact!

A few days back Twitter decided to officially launch the #280characters feature, where the character count for a tweet was increased from 140 characters to 280 characters.

That was enough for the whole Twitterverse to explode!

So many mixed opinions and emotions shared on this topic from different aspects – hard to state them all!


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