Image and Videos requirements by social media platforms

You have decided to create visual content (Images and Videos) for your social media accounts.

Great! Good for you!

You set out to create your visuals and realize that every platform requires different image/video dimensions, formats,, etc. and you are about to freak out!


What about if the images don’t display correctly?? What if part of the logo is not displayed? what if the video overlaps?

What are those holy requirements for each social media platform?

Ok. Take a minute, breath in deep and compose yourself…

All good?

I feel you. I know how valuable your time is and having to search for all the different dimensions, file sizes and types, video formats, etc required by each social media platform is time consuming and to be honest, a hassle.

So worry not! I’ve got you covered!

Let me direct you to a  great article by Spredfast I found that basically has done the job and offers all the dimensions for images and videos for each social media platform  all in one place AND displayed in cool & simple infographics!

It’s a great source of quick reference to learn and understand the different social media image and video requirements – otherwise know as… a cheat sheet! 🙂

Here you go

Cheers to creativity!

Would love to hear your thoughts on this topic in the comment section!

Good vibes only and have a great day!

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