September, a month to remember!

Oh, gosh!

September was surely a month to remember!

New ventures, travels, conferences – it had it all!

All summed up in one powerful word… Growth (personal & professional).

I learnt a long time ago that time is not ours and that we must make the best out of every moment and “grab the world by the lapels’ as Maya Angelou described it.

In my opinion, the trigger of it all is… simply deciding.

The moment will never be right, it will only… be.

⇒ Deciding to take that step.

⇒ Deciding to make that change.

⇒ Deciding to go forward instead of staying in the same place which in retrospect is staying behind or moving backwards.

⇒ Deciding to take that risk.

⇒ Deciding to take action.


Nothing is guaranteed.

Nothing is set in stone.

When I recently made the decision to start my own business, it did not come without the natural questioning, doubting moments, analysis, etc. – I won’t lie to you, it sometimes still does – but it all came back to one true thought:

If you don’t go for it, you will never achieve it.

If you don’t go for it, you will never truly know how far you can go.

So I went for it and started my business.

Sometimes the ‘solopreneur’ side of things feels a bit, well… ‘solo’.

Many will question you, many will turn their backs on you.

What you have to do is not turn your back on yourself, never quit on yourself.

This belief is what brought me to take things a step further.

Within the whirlwind that was the process of creating my business came also the opportunity to register for a Marketing conference called #MarketedLive, which required me to travel to Nottingham, UK. So double the excitement!

If you are interested in attending a great conference, do check out MarekteEd.Live at: Registrations are already open for next year!

It was an amazing opportunity to learn from Marketing experts coming from different fields (Telecommunications, Education, etc.), focusing on the different Marketing areas, making an impact through the use of innovative Marketing approaches and strategies.

Just to give you an idea of who the speakers were, let me refer to the #MarketEdLive brochure:

Paul Ince (Twitter: @BizPaul) who is the founder and host of the conference spoke about the future of marketing!

Chris Marr (Twitter: @chrismarr101) Content Marketing professional behind the Content Marketing Academy (UK’s largest membership organization of its type) – shared key determining factors in content that bring growth to your business.

Emma Leech (Twitter: @EmmaJ70) Marketing and Advancement Director at Loughborough University and President-elect of the CIPR – spoke about how the strategic and operational use of PR can help amplify your campaigns, build brand reputation and increase ROI.

Howard Jones (Twitter: @howard_jones) Head of Comms at EE – spoke about how technology that is readily available and that people have in their hands, and that marketers are creating for – will change what we choose to engage with and how we engage.

Timothy Armoo (Twitter: @TimArmoo) Fanbytes CEO (Fanbytes is the 1st Snapchat Influencer network that helps brands reach teens on Snapchat) – spoke about the concept of advertainment and how it can be used by brands to stay relevant with younger target audience.

Ross Davies: (Twitter: @Ross_Davies) Managing Director for Strafe Creative Agency – spoke about how disparate information is increasing and how it affects small businesses.

Hannah McCreesh (Twitter: @hannafmccreesh) Head of Content at Podcast Websites – spoke about marketers can create an influential audio platform that builds communities and delivers results.

Chris Strub (Twitter: @ChrisStrub) marketer, author, course instructor – plus 1st person to live stream and Snapchat on all 50 U.S states – spoke about the power of community in marketing.

A bonus was the gathering of the “Class of 2017” who discussed the changes on the marketing arena since the 2017 conference.

These were Lillian Betty (Twitter: @LBettie), Victoria Taylor (@VictoriaTaylUK), and Andrew and Pete (@AndrewAndPete) – who all gave a brilliant presentation!

* more on the conference to come on another post

Not only did this conference allow me to expand my knowledge it also allowed me to view new and different perspectives and approaches that make implementing these marketing steps an exciting new purpose.

Furthermore, it allowed me to meet inspiring and impactful professionals that are first and foremost, amazing human beings.

Some of them were new connections and many of them I had already established a connection with on Social Media.

At this point I would like to mention a special group of people I have connected with on Twitter. This group is made up of members from all over the world who excel in different fields and with who we interact with on a daily basis. This is a group that, in my opinion, does social right and are the purest example of what community should be. Many of its members where present at the conference which made the experience extremely special. Hey, some even proved to be Tweeting forces to be reckoned with – looking at you May King Tsang (Twitter: @MayKingTea) 😉

Through this experience:

I came to really appreciate the meaning and power of community.

I came to really appreciate the significance of the “in person” connection.

I came to really appreciate the power of authenticity – people being genuine and exactly as they show to be on Social Media.

I came to really appreciate the power of Social Media and Conferences.

What was great of this conference was that it was not a selling stage.

People where there with one purpose: to be part of something great.

And that it was!

So in a nutshell, September had a lot to offer from a professional and personal standpoint. A lot of learning, a lot of growth and a lot of pushing limits… and I am looking forward to what is coming ahead!

Would love to hear your thoughts on this topic in the comment section!

Good vibes only and have a great day!

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