Moving Forward with John Lim – My 1st Podcast Interview

My first Podcast interview – the Moving Forward Podcast with John Lim – where I shared some important first steps for moving forward with your brand.

I had the priviledge to be a guest on John Lim’s [ Twitter: @bemovingforward IG: @jlim0025 ] Moving Forward Podcast #MFPodcast where we spoke about social media, personal branding, content creation and more!

As an introvert, stepping out of your comfort zone is a struggle.

A struggle that you either avoid or take on.

Personally, I choose to take on that challenge as I acknowledge that it offers me personal and professional growth.

That is why, when John asked me to be a guest on his Podcast, I said yes.

My 1st time as a guest on a podcast 😊

I was nervous, heart was racing (as was my speech) and yes, I fumbled a few words but trust me when I say it was the most rewarding experience and I loved every minute of it!

You have to put yourself out there.
You have to be You.
All the rest of the pieces will fall into place.

In other words, just keep Moving Forward!

I couldn’t have asked for a better host… THANK YOU John for everything – your kindness, generosity and for being there on my LEAP Forward 😉.

Check out the episode by clicking below!

Social Media, Personal Branding

Moving Forward Episode 186 – Natasha Giannopoulou

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Thank you for listening!

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Good vibes only and have a great day!

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