Instagram Pinned Comments

Have you seen the recent feature released by Instagram were you can Pin Comments?

Game changer?

Well I do see a lot of potential with this feature.

But before I get into it… let me show you how to pin a comment 🙂

Instagram Pinned Comments - Select Post
1. Go to your Post
2. Scroll to the comment you wish to pin. Select or Tap and hold the comment (steps vary whether you are on desktop or mobile) – this will show you a set of options. One of which is a thumbtack icon. Click on the Thumbtack icon.
3. Click on Pin Comment and the comment will be pinned to the top of your comment thread

You can pin up to 3 comments.

I see some potential in this new option by highlighting insightful information shared by your followers in their comment under your post (i.e. additional info to the topic discussed), as well as highlighting testimonials about you and of your work. All based on a value adding focus.

I also see potential in monetization for those accounts that offer variations of shoutouts for accounts (post/story promotion), etc. … under this strategy, you can also offer pinning a comment so that the person has exposure (reach) and access to your community and is able to take advantage of this for brand/account awareness.

Have you used the ‘Pin Comment” feature?

Share your thoughts below!

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